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TPN 200 + Premier Plus Dual Channel Tens Machine

TPN 200 + Premier Plus Dual Channel Tens Machine
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TENS TPN200 + Premier Dual Channel Tens Machine NHS Chosen No1 Pain Relief With Case

Now the TPN 200 is even better with the New Premier+ Model with added Intergrated Timer and Top Cover and Easy Access Flip Down Front Cover

The intergrated timer allows for 15 minute, 30 minute or continuous use. Great for those wanting to use the unit in bed as you can set it to turn off after a set time allowing you to relax without worry.

The saftey top cover is there to prevent the accidental movement of the intensity controls eliminating the risk of nasty 'jolts' from a sudden increase of power to the electrodes.

The TPN200 + Premier Offers 4 electrode pain relief using its Dual Channel function. It promotes relaxation and alleviation of pain without the use of drugs of any kind.

The main unit is normally attached to a belt making it portable wearable and unobtrusive. It produces small, perfectly safe electrical impulses that then travel down the cables to the self-adhesive pads applied to the general area of the pain

It then produces a tingling sensation, of which the intensity can be adjusted using the simple analogue controls, helping to relax tense and aching muscles and help distract the brain from feeling pain.

Dual Channel TPN 200 + Premier Tens Machine

Versatile and Portable Flip down front cover protects the controls

Integral Belt Clip

3 Pre-Set programmes

Intergrated Timer 5 minute, 30 minute or Continuous Use

Variable pulse rate: 2Hz - 150Hz

Variable pulse width: 30µs - 260µs

Supplied with leads, 4 self-adhesive electrodes and soft carry case

Free Colour Illustrated Guide with detailed placement of electodes and use

Requires 1 x 9v Battery (included)

Along with your TENS kit, we will give you a FREE Comprehensive TENS Therapy Guide explaining the basic principles of TENS use. Numerous illustrations provide electrode placement sites, pad sizes, and pulse rate width settings for individual conditions. All-in-all a very handy guide to get you well on your way to a successful TENS pain relief therapy.

TPN200 Plus Dual Channel Tens Machine

The unit is simple to operate using the controls located at the top and inside the front cover. The user can change the frequency and intensity of the pulses sent out by the machine using these controls.

It already comes programmed with 3 popular pain relief options pre set.

It is can be used on a wide range of conditions such as.

Chronic Pain - Cervical (Neck), Amputation, Phantom Limb, Headache, Lower Back, Lumbago, Leg Pain, Sciatica and Arthritis, Acute Pain - Post-Operative, Muscle and Joint, Tendonitis, Fractures and Tennis Elbow

The manual included will help you decide the best settings to use and describe full operation. If you have any doubts it will treat your condition before use please consult your GP

It is a light unit only weighing 120 grams that can be attached using the belt clip making it portable and highly useable for daily pain relief.

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