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Sorbothane Sorbo Pro Shock Stopper Insoles

Sorbothane Sorbo Pro Shock Stopper Insoles
Brand: Sorbothane
Product Code: Sorbo-Pro
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Sorbothane Insoles are designed to absorb shock every time your foot hits the ground as harmful shockwaves can cause damage to joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. The unique visco-elastic material changes shape on impact. It actually mimics the characteristics of human flesh absorbing up to 94.7%,of vibrations. The Sorbothane polymer deforms changing its shape to disperse the shockwaves sideways, immediately returning to its initial form to be fully operational in time for the next impact.

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There are four types of insoles available

Single Strike (Heel Protection)

Double Strike (Forefoot and Heel)

Full Strike (Full Foot Protection)

Sorbo-Pro (Sports Impact Maximum Protection)

Available for shoe sizes 3-12.5
Suitable for all footwear
Use in addition to or replace existing insole
Bespoke fitting with easy "trim to fit" lines
Nano silver antimicrobial treatment top sheet coating
New range 30% lighter than previous Sorbothane insoles

Sorbothane Sorbo Pro Shock Stopper InsolesSSorbothane Sorbo Pro Shock Stopper Insoles


Sorbo-Pro insole is suitable for all types of impact intensity sports activities.

Heel and Forefoot Protection

Recommened for

Football, Running, Racquet Sports, Rugby

Designed for the sports person who demands ultimate dual protection to achieve maximum performance, Sorbo-Pro provides both pronation control and impact protection

6.5mm cushioning at the toe and 22mm at the heel

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